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Server purchase

If you need to purchase a new server, go to the Purchase page that can be visited either under the existing MyCloud account (then the purchased server will be automatically added to your active MyCloud profile's projects) or without an active MyCloud account as a guest (then new MyCloud accound will be created automatically and you will receive access credentials to the E-Mail specified during the purchase process).

When you are on the Purchase page, you have to decide on which type of server your project should be created, VPS or Cloud hosting (1⃣).

VPS or Cloud hosting?

Servers in VPS Hosting are “more powerful” than in Cloud Hosting. But increasing or decreasing the tariff for VPS Hosting is only possible through migration with downtime. Also, during an influx of clients or bots, there is no way to increase the power - only migrate to a more powerful server.

Plans and regions of the both of VPS and Cloud servers

Available plans and regions for the both of these server types can be found on our website: VPS servers' plans and regions, Cloud servers' plans and regions

When the server type is chosen, proceed to choose the hosting Plan name (2⃣) and the server Location (3⃣), the Period (4⃣) of payment according to the recurring subscription, your store's Platform (5⃣) and insert the name of your Project (:6:). We can provide you with our technical domain at your request. When all the fields are properly filled, click Purchase (7⃣).

server purchase

Need assistance?

If you have a problem, need assistance with tweaks or a free consultation, if you just want to discuss your project with experts and estimate the outcome, if you're looking for a solution that reinforces your online business, we will help. Let us know through MyCloud.

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